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Make Summer a Season of Savings

Summer’s here! Keeping cool during Alabama’s hot and humid warm weather can drive up your electricity bills. We can help you manage your energy use and lower your cooling costs! Try out these no-cost can-do’s and low-cost, long-term solutions to stay cool this summer and save!

Simple things add up to a Summer of Saving with these easy tips.

Grill outside and stay chill inside.
Grilling's all about temperature control. Like keeping it cool in your home by grilling out instead of cooking in. It’s a cool way to switch to save mode.

Turning off lights is a bright idea.
When you do something smart, it’s like a light comes on in your head. But turning the lights off is actually smarter. That’s when you know you’ve switched to save mode. 

Load up on the savings. 
Just a few dirty forks and plates? It’s best to wait! Always run a full load in the dishwasher to conserve water. Bonus tip: Keep the house cooler by letting the dishes air dry without heat.

Let your thermostat do the thinking.
Upgrade to a smart thermostat for more efficient climate control in your home. Smart thermostats make you feel brilliant. Visit Smart Neighbor to find smart thermostat recommends and Smart Deals on other energy-efficient appliances.

Cleaner air starts with a routine!
When it comes to air filters, frequent replacement is more important than quality. So prioritize changing your HV/AC air filters often (at least once every three months), especially if you have children or pets.

Let in the light but not the heat!
Repel heat from the sun with light-colored blinds and window shades.

Don’t sweat it!
When you’re cooking indoors, turn on the exhaust fan. It will remove some heat from the kitchen and make dinner prep more comfortable.

It’s cool to be closed-minded about oven doors.
It’s tempting to sneak a peek when you’re baking but try to keep the oven door closed to save energy and keep heat inside the oven. Flip on the oven light instead to check on that pie.

Saving electricity is an open and shut case.
Keep food fresh by knowing what you’re after before you open the refrigerator —keeping the door open too long lets cold air escape.

Put your appliances on the night shift.
Switch to save mode and do laundry and dishes during the coolest part of the day. That way, you won’t heat up the house and use more AC. When possible, wash your clothes in cold water and let your dishes air dry instead of using the dishwasher’s heat dry setting.

There’s a night and day difference when charging devices.

Nighttime is great for recharging, but not for your phone! Charge devices for a few hours in the evening instead of plugging in overnight to avoid “phantom energy loads.”

Get into a saving cycle!
If an extra fridge or freezer is running up your bill, check out Energy Star’s Flip Your Fridge Calculator to get a better idea of how much your spare refrigerator or freezer could be adding to your energy costs.


Use Alabama Power’s Daily Energy Usage Tracker to discover the impact these tips can have on your electricity bill. Saving energy and money with cost-cutting can-dos is always in season!


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