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As we look to the future, we’re committed to supporting sustainability initiatives, protecting our resources, using more renewables and strengthening our power grid and infrastructure. 

Sustainability Report

For us, sustainability is powering our state and the people who live here. View the impact we have made. 

Protecting our Resources for the Future

Alabama is a beautiful place, with extraordinary natural resources.  Protecting those resources while providing reliable, affordable electricity for our customers is at the heart of our company's mission.

We work to minimize our environmental impact, preserve the environment and strengthen the communities in which we live, work and serve. To help guide us in this effort, we invest in renewable energy, green research and development and eco-stewardship.

We Love Trees

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

As part of Southern Company, we are always examining how energy is evolving and what that means for our customers’ future needs. From using renewable resources to supporting green initiatives, we are committed to providing our customers with more sustainable energy options. 

Environmental Principles

Greener State

Greener State is our renewable energy certificate (REC) program, which offers customers the opportunity to power their home or business with green energy and provides them with the resources they need to make sustainable choices – for good.  

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Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Certificates

We offer a renewable energy certificate program, Greener State, to make powering your home with renewable energy easy and affordable for you. 

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