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Innovation Hub

As part of our efforts to continually expand on the spirit of innovation our founders put forth when building our electric infrastructure, we have created an Innovation Team and Hub dedicated to exploring new ideas to better serve our customers and state in the decades ahead.

The Innovators

The Innovation Team is a multidisciplinary group that includes experienced employees from the company’s marketing, finance, information technology, regulatory and communications organizations. The team examines a variety of new products, services and business lines, both inside and outside the company’s traditional, energy-related focus. They also seek ideas from customers on new products and services they would like the company to consider.

Where Innovation Starts

The Innovation Hub was designed to offer our team a more collaborative space to brainstorm, research and explore ideas and initiatives, both for our customers and our communities. Borrowing from the past, we chose a historic building in Downtown Birmingham, a former recreational center, and added some modern touches. The mix of work and recreation the building offers is a constant reminder that the best ideas typically come when we let our imaginations play.