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Fiber has been and will continue to be foundational to our electric grid. We are actively deploying fiber to distribution areas across the communities we serve for its many benefits: faster outage restoration, fewer customers impacted per fault, increased security and enhanced grid device coordination. With fiber, we can build capacity to meet our customers' needs for today and well into the future. 

Power Grid

Designing a Smarter Power Grid

We are constantly exploring ways to make our grid smarter, enhancing its ability to predict problems before they happen and adapt to avoid service disruptions. Through the widespread deployment of fiber optic cables, we are able to connect and improve communications from our power plants to the substations of our customers' homes and businesses. This interconnected system is able to function more effectively and enables rapid responses, which ultimately reduces the number of customers impacted by an outage, the amount of time required to resolve incidents and any associated costs.  

Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide

Because of the versatility and capacity of fiber-based networks, we can also use fiber to enhance communication networks in both rural and urban communities across our state. A more robust broadband service allows for enhanced digital access to those areas with less resources for high-speed internet. This provides more equal access to opportunities for education, government services, training and improved health.

Evolving Communities
Accelerating Economic Development

Accelerating Economic Development

Fiber is "rocket fuel" for innovation and entrepreurship. More access to digital resources and faster and better connectivity opens the doors for civic leaders, business owners, educators and students to build partnerships, foster ideas and drive smart initiatives.

Civic Infrastructure


Fiber Advantages