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Energy Consulting Services

Energy Consulting Services

Get the most out of your energy costs with help from our expert team. Our team assists customers like you in identifying energy-conservation opportunities, optimizing processes and workflow, and implementing energy-conservation systems. There is no upfront cost to you. The projects pay for themselves through energy savings. The best part? Savings are always greater than costs.

Work with our team to increase production, safety, energy-efficiency and cost savings in areas such as:

  • Electrical Infrastructure Installation & Maintenance – Microgrids, Solar, Switchgear, Substations, Medium Voltage Distribution, Power Quality Correction, Backup Generation

  • Electrical Studies Arc Flash Analysis, Infrared Inspections, Fault Current Coordination Studies

  • Electrical Component Installation & MaintenanceLED Lighting Conversion, Infrared Process Heating, Comfort Heating and Cooling

  • Control Systems Installation & Maintenance – Smart HVAC Systems (Heat Recovery and Chillers), Dehumidification Systems, Lighting Controls, Water Heaters

  • Energy Automation

Performance Assurance

If you take advantage of any or all of the heating, cooling, lighting and energy systems, we can own, operate and maintain the system, allowing you to focus on your core business. This arrangement assures you that energy is available when needed and that facility budgets are predictable and consistent year after year.

Schedule an Energy Services Review

Schedule an Energy Services Review

Looking to improve your bottom line? From replacing aging infrastructure to installing the latest in energy-efficient technologies, our team of experts can design and implement new energy solutions based on your facility, needs and goals.

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Powering Alabama's Economy

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